Classes 藝術課程

children ribbon dance CPAA retains a large pool of superb artists and arts educators as instructors for classes in Western and Chinese musical instruments, dance, drama, and visual arts. Classes of special interests include music composition, chamber music, wushu (martial arts), Konghou (Chinese harp), and Peking Opera. The curriculum is designed to be comparable to that of professional conservatories. Students can arrange to take multiple classes in related disciplines and thrive in a comprehensive environment for well-rounded artistic growth. To give the students the ultimate incentive to practice and opportunities to perform, CPAA will select a premium group of students each year to participate in its annual professional showcase performance.

CPAA class schedule
Note: Private class, special need class etc. are available upon request.


Mr. Feng Han

Feng Han pictureFeng graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, the most prestigious art institute in China. He was the principle dancer at the National Dance and Opera House of China. He is the youngest National #1 Rank Artist by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, and has choreographed many well-known dance dramas, such as “3D Terracotta”, “Tang Concubines”, “Monkey King”, “Bamboo Dance”, “Magic Music Box” etc. He was honored with the highest Chinese dance award, “Lotus Award”. He has also collected numerous awards from Canada, France and other countries.

韓峰, 飛揚藝術團藝術總監。畢業於久負盛名的北京舞蹈學院,曾擔任中國歌劇舞劇院首席演員,編導。他是中國文化部一級演員,中國舞蹈家協會會員。 他曾擔任美國Sight, Sound & Action 演藝集團縂編導,作品《大唐貴妃》和《美猴王》曾於2007年和2008年兩次獲得著名的加拿大多倫多舞臺劇 DORA獎最佳編舞;他也曾擔任北京雜技團的特邀編導,藝術指導作品《妙舞炫竹》曾獲全國雜技比賽金獎和國際比賽大獎;他還曾囊獲了包括中國舞蹈最高榮譽的“菊花獎”在内的衆多國内國際獎項。他的作品大膽創新,融合了中國古典舞,芭蕾,中國京劇,雜技,武術等藝術精華,給觀衆留下深刻難忘的印象。

Ms Qi Zhu

Zhu Qi picture Qi graduated from Shanghai Dance School, and from the Shanghai Dance Academy of Shanghai Theatre Academy. She obtained high- level certification in choreography and was a performer in the Eastern Spring Dance Company, performing countless performances in many different countries. She then turned to teaching and choreography as her main pursuits. She has also served as artistic director and choreographer for an acrobatic troupe. Her compositions have own national-level gold medals.

朱琦,毕业于上海舞蹈学校,上海戏剧学院舞蹈学院,中级 职称,曾任上海东⽅青春舞蹈团舞蹈演员,曾任上海小白帆艺 术有限公司和博雅艺术有限公司艺术总监,后从事舞蹈教学及 编导工作,兼职于杂技团、学校舞蹈教师及编导,多次公开课 受界内好评,编排创作的作品多次获国际金奖.

Ms. Chloe Zhai

Chloe Zhai pictureChloe has Degree in Dance at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. Chloe has served on the judge committee for multiple dancing competitions and has choreographed for competition teams of Nanyang Primary School, Raffles institution and other 4 top schools in Singapore. Chloe has participated in several dance programs in Esplanade theater and national festivals. Additionally, she was a principle dancer in Youth Performing Troupe, Guangxi of China, and a lead dance for a few national and international art festivals in Singapore.

翟立旋毕业于新加坡南洋艺术学校,曾担任成人和儿童舞蹈老师,舞蹈比赛评委。 他曾是广西舞蹈团首席舞蹈演员,新加坡艺术节领舞演员。